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Subscription based Model


you keep 40% of the Energy saved for your factory

How much Energy Reduction can we achieve ?


we are looking at a value between

MYR 705k to MYR 1,45M per year 

for a large facility

How do we do that ?

We merge Energy and Production data into a cloud software to discover the over consuming machineries and equipment

Does it work for my business ?

Can we ask you some basic questions to understand your Energy cost ?

What it looks like 

The application connects on your existing Automation /SCADA  System.  No retrofit, no downtime.

Use Cases

Savings Verification is available on the application for management review

Use Case Manufacturing 2.PNG
Use Case Manufacturing.PNG
Use cases

What is the next step 

we are looking forward to ask each other a few questions to understand your energy cost

Simple Sustainable Systems

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