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The Company

Started in 2012 as a distributor of electrical products for Utilities, we began proposing and implementing Energy Savings Solutions in 2015.

We want to understand our customer's businesses and their modus operanti.
Thus to propose a system that fits.
  • In-depth analysis and audit on the voltage profile and appliance types used.
  • Electricity savings plan.
  • Recommendations on the best application and integration of our power management solutions with a guaranteed savings plan for your business.
  • Our installation team and optimization experts are on hand to simplify and seamlessly integrate our solutions.
  • Our maintenance and management team are on hand 7 days a week to provide you with peace of mind in case of any unforeseen circumstances or mishaps.
  • We are happy to explore financial arrangements that will align with your different businesses' investment capabilities.
  • Your investment doesn’t have to be all on you.
  • Whatever the solution you choose, we can help organize the finance for it.
Our values


We deliver what we promise
So reliable you forget it is even there
If it does not work for you, we tell you

Simple Sustainable Systems

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